Sometimes you have to drown to know what your every breath means,

Sometimes you have to close your eyes to get away from what everyone sees.

You see through the eyes of those who are long gone,

Never questioning, never believing that you are born.

You see through the mind of a person who stood a thousand years ago,

When will you learn you are supposed to love who you are the most?

It’s not about what everyone has said or done,

It’s not about those pages that have been burnt.

You think you are long gone with the wind,

But you have eternity to spend.

In a world which is so your’s but you can’t see,

The world is everything you dream to be.

The faith isn’t enough to start,

But you are .

Go on with who you are and stay forever young,

Become who you are and do something never been done.

Find your fire within,

Have the courage to begin.

Burn like the Phoenix and return again,

You have to become greater than faith.